Remembrance Day

Gettysburg, PA

November 17 - 19, 2006

This Remembrance Day we had our biggest showing ever...fifteen men in the ranks. Ed Yaw, directly descended from Lt. Ed Yaw of the Original 67th, attended once again this year and served as our official photographer. He was also accompanied by his daughter, Christine Johnson, great-great-granddaughter of the Lieutenant. Arriving early on Friday, we explored Devil's Den and the Wheatfield. On Saturday, We joined others from the Mifflin Guard in decorating graves of the NY boys in the National Cemetery, held our regimental ceremony on Culp's Hill, marched in the parade (in fine weather) and capped off the festivities with dinner at the Fairfield Inn.

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Corporal O'Brien certainly has changed A faithful performance Fortuitously The Beavers certainly were busy 5th New Hampshire Sgt. Charles A Phelps ATTACK! ATTACK! the 61st NY Standing in the Wheatfield near the Wheatfield A photo for its own sake The Trostle Farm 116th Pennsylvania Infantry The Rose Farm 2nd Company Massachusetts Sharpshooters Irish Brigade Not even Thanksgiving Colors of the 125th NY On each grave The Sgt Major Pvt Jones and Pvt Hutton Colonel Washburn