Living History at Fort Mifflin

Philadelphia, PA

September 9 - 10, 2006

The 67th NY was invited to participate in a Living History demo at Philadelphia's highly underrated (and overlooked) Fort Mifflin on the Delaware. Dating to Colonial Times, the Fort has more than its fair share of history... and ghosts. Wedged between the airport and seaport, it may be way off the beaten path but more than worth the trouble in finding in you enjoy history.

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Sgt. Kang and one of his underlings The Rogue's Gallery hoisted the garrison flag The Fort Mifflin Flag Corporal Marshall The Fort Mifflin Flag an early reconnaisance the Governor's Home the Parade Grounds Your Correspondent Corporal Kraybill less smiling and more firing the Officers Quarters Mystery Private Henry Szczytko Resting in the shade Low flying geese Roust the Rebel Powder Monkey the artillery's sights gently FIRE!!! use your imagination