Living History at
Gettysburg National Park

Gettysburg, PA

June 30 - July 2, 2006

Eight men traveled to Gettysburg for the annual Living History at the Pennsylvania Monument in Gettysburg and this turned out to be an exceptional weekend. Arriving on Friday, we visited the Coster Avenue mural north of town and later in the evening joined up with eight members of the 119th NY who were our guests for the weekend. With 16 men total from Long Island, we were able to form our own company, First Company, that was commanded by Lt. Russell Manning of the 28th PA. With the cancelation of the Annual Reenactment that same weekend, the ranks of the Mifflin Guard swelled from the usual five Companies to eight, the largest gathering we have ever seen on the battlefield. There was no Ranger Walk for the Saturday so Colonel Scott Washburn improvised with a march to the High Water Mark. We also stopped at the nearby monument to the 12th NJ, one of the constituent regiments of the Mifflin Guard. Your Correspondent stay a few extra days and had the pleasure of meeting historian Ed Bearrs on Little Round Top.

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154th NY Infantry Coster Avenue Mural Coster Avenue Mural Coster Avenue Mural A Contrast of Seasons Gettysburg from Culp's Tower Bob Bachman and Rob Hutton Round Tops from Culp's Tower's so lifelike George Sears Green evening mayhem Well lookit here... having a good time Posing outside of Gallon's Studio ICE CREAM! First Company Don't he look mean? Lined up for Dress Parade on Guard Duty Batallion Drill First Minnesota Memorial Batallion Drill Marching back into camp Lt. Johnson of the 61st NY Second Company the 67th NY 140th PA Sans sack coats...