Remembrance Day

Gettysburg, PA

November 18 - 19, 2005

Mother Nature gave us one last parting toast of great weather for this Remembrance Day. Once again, Ed Yaw (direct descendant of one of the original soldiers) joined us in the festivities and provided invaluable assistance as photographer while Your Correspondent was marching. We joined the 61st NY and 125th NY in their morning ceremony of planting flags at the New York graves in the National Cemetery, performed our own ceremony for the Original 67th NY at the monument on Culp's Hill, and then headed down to the school yard by noon for the parade. And keeping with recent tradition, the Fairfield Inn served as site for evening merriment.

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Graves of the Ohio soldiers the Traingular Field The Colors! the Traingular Field 'fresh fish' Bob Hutton More seasoned men New Hampshire men New Hampshire men Surveying our morning's work Lieutenant Johnson Muster Roll Touring the park into Devil's Den in their brogans delivering the oratory a master of brevity One last prayer Laying the wreath our ceremony concludes MUSTER ROLL kidnapped