Living History at Gettysburg National Park

Gettysburg, PA

July 1 - 3, 2005

The Mifflin Guard once again was invited by the National Park Service at Gettysburg to camp in back of the Pennsylvania Monument and assist the Rangers with interpreting the battle by means louder than mere words. In addition to Drill and Dress Parade, we reenacted the July 2nd charge of the Pennsylvania Reserves down Little Round Top on Saturday and the charge of the First Minnesota on Sunday. No casualties were reported. We also had the pleasure of meeting David Bates, direct descendant of Pvt. David Dilse Smith of the Original 67th New York.

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Pillaging the town two-hour tour of the battlefield Pvt Casey Little did we know the 97th Regimental String Band the 61st NY and 125th NY Forming into Companies Dress Parade At Present Arms Dress Parade Major Magargle The Musicians Dress Parade Dress Parade Heading out for drill Colonel Washburn Ranger Tom Holbrook Color Company Firing off a fine volley Performing maneuvers and another volley Back in camp Major Magargle MUSTER ROLL Our camp The Colonel with some tourists