Remembrance Day

Gettysburg, PA

November 20, 2004

For this year's trip, we joined the 61st and 125th NY for their traditional morning ceremony at the National Cemetery, planting U.S. and State flags at each of the 847 graves for the men of the Empire State. We held our own ceremony at the monument to the original 67th NY and then marched in the parade, just managing to finish before the rain began. Saturday night's dinner at the Fairfiled Inn was a little different as we were entertained by local living historian and period magician, Joe Kerrigan. We also had a straggler in our ranks...Mike Dawes of the 9th TX Infantry. Fortunately he did us the favor of playing a Union Zouave for the weekend.

The Bands are Playing The Men are Marching Ryan and Tom Creamer The 61st and 67th New York Graves for the Empire State The Soldiers Monument 21st and 19th Our visiting Zouave Ryan Creamer reads a prayer Shoulder Arms Present Arms MUSTER ROLL Your Correspondent lining up before the parade First Sgt. Farr Fast forward General Meade's statue At parade rest... Colonel Washburn O'Rorkes' Posing in the Parlor