135th Anniversary
The Battle of Cedar Creek

Middletown, VA

October 16 - 17, 1999

From our November 1999 newsletter...

"Well folks, it as a great weekend and the best Creek event thus far. After listening to the weather report with rain on Sunday, the weather turned out great. Saturday’s battle was intense but the highlight of the weekend was the dawn tactical and the fight around the Heather house on Sunday. During he dawn tactical, the Rebs exposed their flanks twice to us, and at one point they had their backs to us. Under the command of Co. Bill David, we rolled them right up. Victory, how sweet it is! At the Heat House as the Rebs advance towards the 2nd Battalion, they overlooked our battalion and once again exposed their left flank to us. Before a correction to their error could be made, Cold. David ordered us forward smashing their entire front. The two battalions of the Mifflin Guard continued to advance until we had the remnants of the Reb arm in a box. During the attack on their flank, we captured approximately twenty Rebs… How can I forget the staged fight brawl in camp between the 125th NY and the 61st, 67th NY. It took place while our two streets were being inspected by Col. David and staff. The entire incident was filmed. There is a good chance we are going to be in a movie. Memorable Moment: Sunday, 1:00pm., the crest of the hill above the Heater house was lined with approximately 24 guns plus two batteries in the valley to the left of the Heater House. It was a sight to behold. It looked like the guns of Malverne Hill… I want to thank Snackman with the assistance of Charlie (the Farr Brothers) for their hard work that went into preparing and cooking our Saturday evening meal. It was great! Respectfully, Captain Peter Moriarty (Joe Bilardello):

P.S. This was the first time our Fresh Fish, Kevin O'Malley and Ryan Creamer, "Saw the Elephant"

Taking a knee Battalion formation Battle Scenario Battle Scenario Taking another knee Battle Scenario Charlie, Snackman, and Kevin Our firepit Panoranic view Mr. Phelps and Brothers Farr Fine Dining